Emily Roberts

Album Artwork and Spotify Animations

Jazz Guitarist EP 

Emily Roberts EP Artwork

The Persistence of Memory

The brief was to create an eye-catching, London-jazz-scene-infused design and set of Spotify animation loops for a new EP by upcoming young Jazz artist, Emily Roberts. Texture and colour were the most important aspects of this brief, with the musician figure maintaining its prominence and highlighting the fact that this is a debut solo EP. As well as considering the creation of a design that could work well in multiple sizes and formats, I looked at the colour combinations of Gaurab Thakali to inform this style. I wanted the overall effect to be a mesmerising, almost hallucinatory, feel that reflected Emily's music.

Emily Roberts EP Artwork

Emily Roberts Final EP Artwork

Emily Roberts Loop 1

Emily Roberts Loop 2

Emily Robert Ipad Jazz Guitar Design

Emily Roberts Spotify Ipad View

Emily Roberts Colour Combinations Jazz Guitar

Emily Roberts Alternate Colour Combinations

Emily Roberts Phone Spotify Jazz Guitar

Emily Roberts Spotify Phone View